The festivities of Humanities Week put a magnificent full stop on the end of a big semester one.

The eco focus brought a plant sale to the campus that tempted both amateur and experienced ‘horticulturalists’ to try their hand at growing some new plants. The Day of Notables, a Year 8 initiative, saw students step back in time to explore medievil culture. A major highlight of the day was a demonstration of jousting on the oval.

Finishing off the week was the crowning of 2021’s ‘Principal for a Day’. After a hard-fought campaign, ‘Viscount Williams’ relieved Mr Valese of his duties for the day and instated Fruit Loops and Coco Pops at Breakfast Club, class parties at the end of the day and uniform rules for teachers.

Take a look at the activities below…


Day of Notables

Principal for a Day