Saturday is shaping up to be a fantastic day. We’ve put together a checklist so that your family can be prepared and are set up for a win at the Mueller Fete!

  • Bring Friends and Family – the fete is a great opportunity to invite your loved ones to experience the wonderful community of Mueller!

  • Dollars & Cents – We measure the success of the fete in smiles, not dollars, but there will be plenty of opportunity to buy a treat, bid in the auctions or visit our diverse array of stallholders. There will be ATM’s, and Eftpos facilities will be available at most stalls.

  • Bring Ride Armbands – or buy them on the day is you missed the presale.

  • Bring Reusable Shopping Bags – particularly if you plan on buying cakes/books/craft…

  • Apply Sunscreen – it’s going to be a glorious sunny day in Rothwell so be sure to be sunsmart.

  • Pack a Hat 

  • Check Your Performance Times – please make sure your child meets at the assembly point next to the main stage at the requested time.

  • Pack Your Instrument – if you are performing an instrumental piece, don’t forget your instrument! Afterwards, instruments will be stored on campus for pick up on Monday.

  • Bring an Appetite – there will be lots of yummy goodness on offer!

  • Bring a Picnic Rug – for the evening laser show (and some warm clothes too).

  • Be Mindful of COVID Guidelines – Please adhere to entry and exit requirements outlined here and stay home if you are unwell.

We hope you have a ball!