It all starts again. The cycle of the school day and week is relentless, and I am thankful for the people both behind the scenes and upfront who bring the energy. It is all the big decisions and quiet work behind a desk that makes Mueller such a special community for your children. As we move from one ‘thing’ to the next, it is important to acknowledge the contribution made to make the next ‘thing’ happen.

Breakfast Club resumed this week with staff and students cooking the toast from 7:30am just to stay ahead of the rush. Whether your cupboard is bare, or your child needs a second breakfast, the toast is about the community. We are thankful for the people who make this contribution.

Community is also seen in the next round of busy events. This week we will have the Year 4 Camp, Book Week and Subject Selection Night.

Book Week is a fantastic celebration of reading and old-world technology – paper! Students are immersed in a world of stories and movie characters as they enter the Library. A special thank you to parents who glued, sewed, cut and designed costumes for the Book Week Parade. Despite the cyclonic downpour, it was like walking through a movie set on campus.

In the midst of all this activity, the day-to-day in the classroom doesn’t lose any energy. We are thankful for our dedicated educators who help students grow and thrive.

Mueller is a happy place. We are hopeful that students will have a childhood of positive memories from their time at school.

Paul Valese

Term 3 News