It’s good to give back. It’s good to use our gift to serve others. It’s as simple as that. Year 12 Art students have gifted the campus with three mural projects on the upper levels of D-block.

Number One: Near the Dance studio is a series of three works by Caitlin Mills based on pieces created for her Senior Art folio. Including corresponding scriptures, they are three visual expressions of God’s love for us.

Number Two: The beautiful cartoon drawings of Primary students have been refreshed with the addition of a simple landscape. Hopefully this revamped mural and its popularity as a lunch spot will continue for another ten years.

Number Three: An abstract work of interacting colourful ‘molecules’ celebrates the nearby Science spaces but is also based on a Year 12 work by Madison Crouch which was an abstraction of the relationships we form with friends while at school.

Relationship is what Mueller is all about – with God, with each other! What a great and lasting way for Year 12’s to say good-bye and thank-you.

Simon Ratcliffe

Head of the Arts