What a term it has been. Full of learning opportunities and activities from Book Week to the Princess Bride, and with a lockdown thrown in there for good measure. The term is finishing off strongly as well with the Year Twelves sitting their Mock External exams this week, Year Six students spending the week in tropical Cairns and a range of excursions across the other levels happening. The opportunity for students to have the full school experience lies in weeks like this.

I have enjoyed the privilege of attending some of these excursions and camps over many years. The memories of the fun and unique opportunities these activities provide is something that many students treasure long after they finish school. However, in the moment they are not always as appealing. Whether is it is carrying a pack up a mountain on Wilderness Trek, striving for the A in Maths or sleeping in a different bed for a week there can be hesitation about this experience being worth the discomfort. One of the most rewarding experiences for students is pushing through the discomfort or hesitancy and embracing the challenge. For teachers, the rewarding experience is seeing students learn and grow in confidence as they embrace these challenges, forge deeper links with their peers and support each other. One of the consistent elements of feedback we receive about Mueller students is how well they embrace these challenges and look after one another.

The opportunity to be in community with one another and share life experiences grows us and develops our character. Proverbs 27:17 says, “as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” As students get to live in the close community of school, and even a camp, they depend on one another, challenge one another, support one another, and be gracious towards one another. We are blessed with a great community at Mueller.

I wish the students all the best for their assessment and for those who are off on camps or trips, have a great time and we are praying for your safety and that God will bless your time away together. Enjoy the September holidays!

Todd Langford

Term 3 News