The break has flown by, and Term 4 is already here!

The next 8 weeks is crammed full of plenty of activity. In the classroom, the year’s academic work is being finished off and assessment will be the focus in a couple of weeks. We also spend a lot of time this term celebrating the year. Events such as Presentation Night, Sport Awards, Arts Festival, Graduation events and the Senior Formal are all gatherings which help us celebrate the amazing young people we have at Mueller.

These events celebrate how students have Grown and Thrived over the past 12 months. The awards and student work recognise the hard work both in and out of the classroom. We have been created to Grow and Thrive. The education program at Mueller is a way to learn about God’s creation, enjoy His handiwork and develop our giftings. We are excited to celebrate the amazing achievements of 2021.

These events are also a way to celebrate the Contribution to Community by our students. The contribution can be as discreet as welcoming a new student through to shaving your head for The Leukemia Foundation. All of the small and large contributions are important in making Mueller a welcoming and giving community. We are excited to celebrate the contributions of our students over the year.

Buckle up, the next 8 weeks will fly by. Before you know it, we will be in Christmas megaChapel and heading towards the crowded shopping centres for Christmas shopping.

Paul Valese

Term 4 News