This week our Primary students got to ‘celebrate what makes them different’ by dressing from a country that is significant to them. With 71 nationalities currently represented within our student body, the campus was a tapestry of colour and culture.

In assembly, the Primary’s were treated to a Pacific Islander dance from a group of students who represented Tonga, New Zealand, Samoa, Kenya and Vanuatu. They then got to hear some of their peers share their first languages of Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Russian, Spanish and Hindi. To finish, the students paraded around MPAC to showcase their outfits.

Maia represents Japan / ‘I’m half Japanese and this is the traditional dress worn in summer to a night festival’

Jazalena and Lolly represent New Zealand / Jazalena – ‘My whole family is Maori. I’m proud to be Maori because they have a different culture’.

Jasmine & Danielle represent Mauritius / ‘Our Dad is Mauritian. It’s a great nation and we like their dancing and what they wear.’

Serene represents Nepal / ‘My family is from Nepal. Nepal have a nice friendship with their neighbours and they truly celebrate their culture.’

Michael & Seth represent Canada / ‘We both have Canadian parents. We love Canada because there is so much snow and we love ice hockey!’

Primary Assembly