The girls’ PJ night last Friday night was an absolute hoot! Hannah Kraus, the College captain, and the Year 9, 11 and 12 Prefects put together a fantastic night of fun and fellowship for our female students.

The girls came in their PJs, slippers and oodies, and were treated to games, polaroids, bracelet making, Just Dance, and a movie. Halfway through the evening the girls stopped to listen to the wisdom of three of our female staff share about their high school experience. Hannah Kraus did a brilliant job of leading the charge, pulling together the night with the other prefects, MCing as well as hosting the panel.

A shout out to the teachers who also gave up the start to their weekends to hang out with our students. Overall, loads of laughs, loads of fun, and a whole load of memories made!

Looking forward to Girls Night 2022 already!