Tickets for the Primary production of the Lion King are now available. The cast will perform two shows over the 5th and 6th of November at 7pm.

With a classic story that will delight all ages, it’s a perfect night out for the whole family. Get in fast to secure your seat…


Our Primary cast are working hard to bring together the final elements of the production. This week we spoke to Thomas Ratcliffe (Timon) and Flynn Blackmore (Pumbaa) to see how it’s coming along…

What is your favourite thing about being in the musical?

Thomas – I like the acting mostly because I do singing at home but this is my acting debut. I haven’t done a play. before and I don’t usually do dancing so I’m new to that.

Flynn – I always like acting. I find it quite fun. I also like improvising some jokes and this has a lot of places to do that.

Why should people come and watch The Lion King Jr?

Flynn – Cause it’s fun to watch! Some people might not like the movie but this is different and they might enjoy it.

Thomas – They should come and see it because our cast team has worked really hard. There is lots of effort put in so why not come and see it?!

Who are you most excited to watch you perform?

Thomas – My mother and father are an acting family so I’m really going to enjoy them seeing me in action. They’re hoping I do really well and I hope I can express that when they see it.

Flynn – I mostly think my little brother will enjoy it because I think he’ll really like the jokes. He gets bored with long stuff but I don’t think he will with this.

What are you looking forward to about the performances?

Flynn – I’ve done a lot of musicals so I don’t tend to get nervous. I’m just excited to see the audience reaction and I want to make people laugh.

Thomas – I know it’s going to be nerve racking but I want it to be very exciting so I’m still very excited for the performance.