Last week the Year 9 boys embarked on an epic adventure into the heart of the Somerset bushland for a three-day expedition. As part of this expedition-style camp, the boys were divided into smaller teams who moved from campsite to campsite completing various team building challenges and obstacles. Some of these challenges included abseiling with their gear down a cliff face or building a raft to move themselves and their gear across the creek.
Amongst all the challenges, through lots of laughter and even some tears, these young men managed to demonstrate resilience, courage, and strength as they worked together to complete their journey safely. Along the way, many new friendships were formed and valuable life lessons learned. Well done Year 9’s!
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Sixty Year 9 girls embarked on three days of activities that stretched them, took them out of their comfort zone, and allowed them to form positive relationships.  They were blessed to stay in amazing cabins at Somerset Camp and were blown away by the beauty of their surrounds.  Some girls were lucky enough to meet Monty, the resident python, who has made the campgrounds his home for the last 15 years.
The girls participated in a range of activities but the giant swing was by far their favourite.  They demonstrated courage and resilience by completing all the activities even if they were hesitant at first.  Teachers were very proud to watch the bonds that formed and how they all helped and encouraged each other for the duration of the camp.  Well done girls!
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