It is a phrase that is uttered throughout the school by people as we enter the last couple of days of the 2021 school year. But whether we believe it or not, it is here. There are celebration events occurring all over the school from class parties to Mega Chapel and Graduation services. These are special memories for parents and students. The smile on students’ faces at the Year 6 and 12 Graduations in the last week were brilliant!

The Year 6 Graduation service contains some significant traditions and symbols which enrich the experience for students. The first is they show a photo of them from their Prep year as they walk across the stage. The physical change is obvious however the photo itself doesn’t reveal the challenges they have overcome, the great times they have experienced, and the learning they have gained. The families who cheer for their children understand this, the significance of these moments, and the powerful reminder of how they have grown. Jesus sees us the same way, knowing our joys and trials, and looks upon us with love.

The students also receive a middle school tie to usher in the new season of their lives. The uniform is different in high school. The boys need to tuck their shirts in and the girls get to trade the dress in for a skirt and blouse!  Whilst many things about middle school are different the heart of the school and the teachers are the same. Whilst they may have some trepidation about leaving primary school there are fantastic opportunities which await! New seasons are exciting, and we look forward to seeing this cohort grow in character and faith over their schooling journey.

But for now, it is almost time to rest. My prayer for you all this Christmas season is that you will find rest and rejuvenation. That you will enjoy time with family and friends. Also, that you would find the space and time to reflect upon Jesus and his gift of salvation to us. He is so good! He has sustained us through a year of ever-changing circumstances. I pray for those of you who have less to celebrate this year that you will know the peace and presence of Jesus in a powerful way.

Have a wonderful holiday, an awesome Christmas and we look forward to a new year in 2022!

Todd Langford

Term 4 News