This week we congratulate and farewell the class of 2021. Thirteen years of schooling at Mueller College will come to an end for one hundred and forty-two graduands during a number of farewell and celebration events. The final week for Year 12’s will no doubt be evoking mixed feelings of excitement and sadness, relief and trepidation, as the memories of shared experiences spanning many years are tampered with the realisation that they are about to leave the safe and secure environment that is the Mueller bubble!

They will be encouraged to know, however, that a change of environment with all its routines and expectations, can bring with it a fresh change of perspective. Research conducted on school graduates revealed some interesting changes of perspective they had experienced soon after they had left school. Some of these included;

  1. Stretch your Brain. Be a life-long learner. The older you get, the less you realise you know.
  2. Don’t sweat your grades too much. Achievements and accomplishments have not and will not define you.
  3. Learn to ask for Help. People who try and do life on their own don’t get it done. Have people in your corner.
  4. Find your own De-stress routine. Life will continue to throw you curveballs. Do things that feed your ‘soul’.
  5. Do something, volunteer. True joy and fulfillment come from giving of yourself and service.
  6. Popularity counts for little. Be nice to ‘unpopular’ people, one day you might be working for them.
  7. Have a Plan B. Failure is okay. It can lead to success. Having a ‘Plan B’ helps speed up the process.

Mueller’s mission statement reads:

“Mueller College aims to prepare students for life in the world and eternity…..”

A good ATAR, QCE, gaining competencies, and schooling accomplishments all serve as preparation for gaining career and work opportunities. Employers and businesses look for students who have developed high standards in appearance and presentation, high work ethic, are punctual and reliable, developed healthy habits, and stick to processes and procedures. These traits are also essential for starting and maintaining positive and healthy relationships.

Yet Mueller College acknowledges that ‘life in eternity’ has far greater significance than all those things. Our mission statement has been achieved if every all student graduates from Mueller knowing the good news of the gospel, which is the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  This is our prayer for this year’s graduands.

Congratulations to the class of 2021. We are proud that you have all made it, of all you have achieved, and the contribution those of you have made to Mueller College during your time here. We wish you all the very best as you begin the next chapter of your lives.

Ben Stiller

Term 4 News