Why do we bother with education? At Mueller, in particular, what is the focus of our efforts.

To begin with, YOU are. The student. Our young people who walk through the gates every morning is the focus of our efforts. We want to see them healthy and happy, able to learn and thrive in all the different areas of education. Schools are very quiet lonely places on holidays. It is the students who bring the energy and enthusiasm to the campus and it is them who we serve each day.

A single focus on students will grow selfish, self-centred individuals. Therefore, education is also about OTHERS. We desire to see our young people grow with a compassion for others and willingness to contribute to the common good. This is evidenced through activities for students to raise money, shave their heads, cook toast and lead groups. Education is about self, but more importantly it is about others.

But there is a thread which ties all of this together. God. God created each and every student in his image – and that is why they are the focus of our attention. We see each student as special and ‘not junk’. Jesus sacrificed himself for mankind, and it is out of our affections for him that we serve others. God, the creator of the universe is the foundation and the thread which ties YOU and OTHERS to ensure education is more than reading, writing and arithmetic.

Paul Valese

Term 4 News