An inescapable aspect to schooling are the values which are instilled in students. Instilling values in our young people is an important part of their formation. At Mueller, we promote four value statements which guide our actions every day.

Our values are:

  • Every Student Matters Every Day
  • Everyone is Known and Valued
  • Everyone can Grow and Thrive
  • Everyone Belongs and can Contribute to Community

The Mueller College values are not based on an ethical framework, rather they are an outworking of the Gospel on campus. It is our hope that students will not only display these values throughout life, but furthermore students display these values as an outworking of the Gospel in their lives.

Over the next four weeks of Mueller Connect, we will unpack each of the Mueller College Values from their Biblical perspective.

The danger of being open about our values is that they quickly become the measuring stick by which our community holds us to. We are not perfect, and in fact, not being perfect is the reason we readily promote what we aspire to.

A Gospel-centred community means we recognise our flaws and daily rely on the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts and actions.

Paul Valese

Term 2 – Week 3 News