If you ask the students who visit Math Club what they do every Thursday morning tea, they will likely tell you they play games. But Mrs Heath will tell you it’s about so much more than that. She has a passion for the subject, and shares how studies show that many high-schoolers, particularly girls, leave school disempowered when it comes to math. There are two main reasons – first, students don’t think they can do it, and second, they don’t believe it is useful in the ‘real world’. Further studies have shown that these attitudes usually stem from their experiences of math in Primary School.

Math Club aims to combat these attitudes early, giving Years 3-6 an opportunity to engage with maths and learn problem-solving in a fun and practical way. The games and activities involve probability, number and money recognition, measurement, reasoning, and more. Every activity has a purpose.

Walk into the room, and it is buzzing! Board games seemed to be attracting most of the girls while Rubix cubes are definitely the flavor of the month for the boys. From block construction to brainteasers and puzzles, there is something for everyone at Maths Club!