‘Simply for Strings’ is a music shop in Brisbane that sells and restores string instruments. They have started a donation program where they provide schools and community organisations in need with quality string instruments that have been donated. ‘Simply for Strings’ takes care of the setup, repair, or restoration before they carefully package and ship them to their new homes. As the Mueller music teachers went through the violins and violas, we had many instruments that were no longer able to be played but Simply Strings were delighted to take them into their program. Some will be fully restored while others will be used for parts.

If you are interested in joining any of the bands at Mueller, please contact –

  Strings Program – Di Schmidt at d.schmidt@mueller.qld.edu.au

  Primary Bands – Jodie Riek at j.riek@mueller.qld.edu.au

  Secondary Bands – Sharon Casey at s.casey@mueller.qld.edu.au