As a pinnacle experience in the Biomechanics and Rock Climbing unit, Year 10 Physical Education students attended a 90 minute bouldering session at 9 Degrees Bouldering Gym in Enoggera last week. The students have been analysing how to improve their rock climbing performances based on the biomechanical concepts of force, balance, and stability.

The bouldering session was a real challenge for students as there were no harnesses or ropes – just free climbing with soft mats to cushion falls. Every student participated and the feedback from the students was that it was a fun and rewarding experience, even with the sore muscles experienced afterwards! Mrs Clish and Ms Sortino took them along and said, “It was so fantastic to see the students in a new climbing environment. Without harnesses, they needed to focus on technique and it was rewarding to see the students challenging themselves…and succeeding!”