I trust you have enjoyed with the previous four weeks of Mueller Connect as we unpacked the Mueller College Values. We aspire to a Biblical standard in our ethics as we work to guide the next generation.

Culture is continually changing. It may take several years for cultural change to occur, but we are certain that our young people will face a different world to the one we face. It is our desire to see Mueller graduates stand solid in their foundational beliefs to live out Biblical values.

The Mueller community is diverse, with varying opinions on the current culture. I know however, that we can all agree we want to see the next generation grow and thrive. We want to see them make good decisions for themselves and others. These good decisions must come from a place of being known, knowing others, and valuing them. We want our graduates to make a valuable contribution to the common good, making their communities a nicer place to live.

Once again, we are not perfect, and in fact, not being perfect is the reason we readily promote what we aspire to. We desire for our young people to daily rely on the Holy Spirit to guide their thoughts and actions.

Paul Valese

Term 2 – Week 8 News