On Tuesday the Year 9’s participated in a mock trial complete with judge, jury, prosecutor, defence counsel, bailiff, corrections officers, and of course, a defendant. The Year 12 Legal Studies students hosted the morning, giving participants a picture of how the court system works. On trial, a defendant accused of (fictionally) distributing methamphetamine to fellow students disguised in packets of an old tuckshop classic, Wizz Fizz.

The Year 9’s waited with great anticipation to see if their name would be called to be considered as a member of the jury and one ‘fortunate’ student was chosen to play the defendant. Once deemed guilty, a sentencing hearing commenced for the accused and the empanelled jury listened to arguments while the judge kept order in the courtroom. The students made their way through a workbook as they observed the mock trial, having a lot of laughs along the way.

The highlight of the day may have been the accused escaping his handcuffs and fleeing the courtroom only to be apprehended by the ‘public’!