The Year 8 Day of Notables kicked off Humanities week on Monday with a step back in time.

Students spent the morning on the oval with some special equine guests, watching a demonstration of jousting by some ‘medieval knights’. The huge percheron stallion facing off in the joust weighed in at 770kg and 17 hands high. Students got a run through of the points scoring system of jousting and the demonstrators showed them how the modern competitions differ to the original event.

They then got to see a special demonstration outlining how 15th century armoury was made. Taking about six months to craft each suit of armour at a cost of around $30,000, it was fascinating for them to get a close-up experience of the rare items and see how functional the pieces actually were.

It was then the Year 8’s turn to dress up, showcasing their research of notable historical figures with costumes, artifacts, and stalls. Some fortunate classes got to walk through the event, soaking up the history from the medieval, renaissance, and reformation eras, and taking part in the different activities Year 8 had set up to highlight the various accomplishments and characteristics of their chosen figure.