Year 4 had a fantastic, action-packed two day camp right here on campus last week. They had a go at rockclimbing, archery, canoeing, orienteering and craft activities during the day, and then as the sun set, they put up their own tents to camp out on the oval. It was a chilly August night but they all survived, with some having their very first camping experience. Here are a few highlights from the students themselves…

My favourite memory from camp is when I was scared to do rock climbing but when I got on the rock wall I didn’t feel as scared. I even got almost halfway on the difficult slanted rock wall. – Shahad Daddy, 4G 

I really loved going through the fountain 7 times in the canoe. It was very cold, and at first I didn’t want to, but I loved it! – Eva Leahy, 4G 

I was always scared of canoeing, but now I’ve done it, I want to do it AGAIN! – Aleck Mecklem, 4G 

My favourite thing from camp was archery, because I was really scared but I tried it and it was actually really fun. – Liam Cantatore, 4G 

What I liked about camp was that I got to have one night without my little brother and the free pizza. I also liked the canoeing when we got wet. – Lillymace Ward, 4G 

A fun camp memory was when we rammed other boats while canoeing. I also liked how we went backwards through the fountain. – Seth Ralph, 4G