Next week brings an exciting week of activities as we celebrate BOOK WEEK.

This year’s theme is Dreaming with Your Eyes Open. 

Primary students will have the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character or something related to the theme. A parade will take place in the Lacey Sports Centre on Tuesday 23rd of August, starting at 9.00 am. This is for fun and engagement in reading and there will not be individual prizes for costumes, so approach it with that in mind as it is not meant to add stress to busy households. Appropriate closed-in footwear must be worn as well as clothes of an appropriate nature that safely allow students to participate in school activities. Costumes should be friendly so, for example, they don’t scare a preppie if students run into them on the day!

The library is quietly transforming this week to embody this year’s theme with students encouraged to visit and experience a taste of the ‘dreamy’ space. Next week, each morning tea will have a different activity available for students to join at the library. Check out the program below for the details.