Next week we are celebrating book week in the primary school, one of the many events our students get to experience during their school career. It reminded me again about how excited children can become over the ‘little things’….

This event might seem small to us, but my primary-aged child has been looking forward to dressing up for weeks. Thinking about a character, changing his mind a hundred times, and the pure excitement when he finally had his outfit ready, at least two weeks in advance! A sleepover at school for us as parents might just be a night off, a little thing….but for the students, it is something they’ve been super excited about for weeks. Year six students are heading off to Cairns in a couple of weeks. An adventure to look forward to. These ‘little things’ are easily overseen by weary adults, but they stir up great excitement in our children and they are things to be thankful for.

Saying thank you is something we teach our children from a young age. We don’t just say thank you for the big things, though it’s easy to forget about the little things. In Psalm 46 God says; Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

Take a moment this week to stop and give thanks, even for the little things.

Chantel Jordaan

Term 3 – Week 6 News