Term 3 is always a grind. The year is well underway, students are in a routine, and assessment is always just around the corner. In the midst of the grind, I hope your child/ren have had a positive experience at school.

The nosiest part of campus at the moment is the construction on College Square. As we embarked on this project, we asked the question – WHY? Why spend the money on a parkland space in the middle of the campus? Surely classrooms and the latest tech should be a priority.

The College Square project speaks into one of the pillars of a Mueller education. We believe all students want to belong. This can happen in a sporting team, band, life group, handball game, classroom, and in a myriad of other activities. Equally as important as quality classroom spaces is a place for students to meet with their friends and relax during break time. College Square will provide this casual outdoor space for Secondary students as another way to promote belonging on campus.

A deep sense of community promotes well-being, reduces bullying, and reinforces the desire for students to come to school.

As we finish the term, thank you for your support over the past 10 weeks.

I trust you have a restful and enjoyable holiday.

Paul Valese

Term 3 – Week 10 News