The Year 10 Business and Accounting students had a fun, but practical, task this term. The classes were divided into groups who had to design a product (showbags) to retail to customers (their peers). The students spent weeks conducting surveys, planning products, taking orders, sourcing suppliers, and packing showbags.

The group had a huge influx of orders, with 477 rolling in! The most popular showbag was the ‘Sugar Rush’ with 97 orders and a very chuffed group of students who created it. One class diversified from years past, and decided to offer Krispy Kreme packages. They got so many orders they had to change the delivery date to be able to source the large amount of donuts!

After this week’s delivery the class will finish their feasibility reports and then work on evaluation reports to finish off the assessment next term. Well done to the class on a successful project!