When students come to the front office, for whatever reason, they often look through one of the old yearbooks on the coffee table. It is a uniquely ‘school’ thing that at the end of the year we receive a book full of photos and articles which summarises the experience of the previous 12 months. There is tangible expectation and excitement on the student’s faces as they receive their own yearbook on the last day of school each year and flick through to find pictures of themselves and their friends. Currently, we sit on the cusp of finishing another year and the 2022 yearbook is ready to go and looks great!

2022 has been a roller coaster. It started late due to the summer Covid wave, we went back to restrictions on many activities before it opened up and returned to something resembling normal school life – whatever that is! Normal is a funny concept; the average of something is a mathematical concept that takes out the extremes and tries to reduce a series of events to a standard outcome. That is not how real-life works. The ‘normal’ school experience is a mythical concept – everyone does it differently. The same photo or page in a yearbook will prompt different responses depending on an individual’s personal circumstance and experience.

We hope your 2022 is full of great memories and achievements and that the freshly printed yearbook is one to savour. We desire and work hard for all Mueller students and families to have the same memorable, positive experience as their ‘normal’. However, the reality of life is that not everyone experiences this. It is why the Apostle Paul in Romans 12 says to “rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep”. If it has been a difficult year we hope that the Mueller community has been a support and encouragement to you.

My prayer for you all this Christmas season is that you will enjoy time with family and friends. Also, that you would find the space and time to reflect upon Jesus and his gift of salvation to us. He is so good! I pray for those of you who have less to celebrate this year that you will know the peace and presence of Jesus in a powerful way.

Enjoy the break!

Todd Langford

Term 4 – Week 8 News