What do you have when you get a live showing of The Hundred, 2000 hotdogs, loads of orange stuff, over 170 student musicians performing live entertainment, mega SL@M sessions, orange accessories, hairspray, zinc, inflatables, dance parties, over 100 parents for morning tea, not having to wear a tie for the week, realising you are still wearing your orange You Belong t-shirt at Woolies, bulk buzz cuts and a visit from the World’s Greatest Shave ambassador Loma Willis?…….a school community that has raised over $60,000 for the Leukemia Foundation!

Week eight always proves a pleasant distraction from the routine of the term. The week started with a visit from the World Greatest Shave ambassador Loma Willis and Leukaemia survivor Bianca Angelosanto to school assemblies. Their stories and legacies were truly inspiring.

Each day that followed provided entertainment and fun for students and culminated in a record number of heads being coloured or having their hair cut or shaved. As a result, Mueller set ourselves a new record for the total funds raised, topping $60,000 for the first time. Incredible!

Whether you signed up, donated two dollars or a thousand dollars, encouraged those who were participating, made a purchase (or multiple) from the orange stall, or served in one of the many opportunities across You Belong week, thank you. Thank you for supporting our students in their quest to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. Thank you for your contribution to not only the school community, but the wider community as well. The families and community of Mueller continue to demonstrate a huge heart of generosity and kindness.

Ben Stiller