The Mueller production of ‘Esther’ is fast approaching, and over 80 students have been rehearsing the show since last year. This week we introduce you to two of those students, Liliana Langford and Ever Cunningham, who are taking on the roles of arch-enemies Mordecai and Haman in our 80’s inspired adaptation of the bible story of Queen Esther.

What are you most looking forward to about the ‘Esther’ performances?

Liliana – I am looking forward to being able to share with the Mueller community the work that we have been doing and also to be able to share the powerful story of Esther.

Ever – I’m most looking forward to seeing the audience’s reaction to the different songs that are performed.

What do you enjoy about playing your character?

Ever – I really enjoy playing Haman because I get to be mean and scary, and I don’t normally act like that.

Liliana – I love learning the way Aunty M (our female adaptation of Mordecai) thinks, and I love her strength but also the way she cares for Esther.

What is the best part of being in the school production?

Liliana – Being able to get to know so many other people from different grades who have the same passion. Musicals are always the best way to make new friends that you can hang out with not only at rehearsals but also at school too.

What would you tell younger kids who dream of getting involved in a musical one day?

Ever – Definitely do it. You get to learn so many skills that lots of other activities wouldn’t be able to teach you. It is such a judgement-free environment and a great way to get to know tonnes of people.

Which show do you think people should come to see?

Liliana – I think Friday night – there is an awesome amount of excitement in the room because it is the first one. Plus, you don’t know what will happen, and no one can spoil it for you.

Ever – Definitely! I think Friday night is the show to come and see because all the cast is so excited to finally perform for an audience, and you would get to be a part of that.

Stay tuned for more interviews with the cast of Esther and save the date for April 28th & 29th. Tickets go on sale next week so start gathering family and friends to come along for a fantastic night out!