What can I say, camp was an absolute banger this year! It was such a great way to make new friends and have an amazing experience by trying new things. The activities in camp were entertaining, but the most remarkable ones were the giant swing and the Opshop Hop. In the giant swing, we got dropped individually from 60 meters and it was absolutely terrifying at first but after a couple of swings, I felt okay and was proud that I had done it. I had a blast in the Opshop Hop, and I was dancing all night long with my friends. Personally, I got to experience an amazing time and am thankful for a great start to the year.

Faith 7.2

In Week 7 of Term 1, I went on my very first ever camp! And it wasn’t just any camp, but it was a trip to the Gold Coast! The beaches were beautiful, we were in cabins with fellow students and there were so many fun activities to do. Archery and bodyboarding were probably the two most fun activities. We had an archery tournament. I was in a team with Milly and Daisy, and we were called The King’s Rangers. Bodyboarding was great as well. The waves were awesome on the Gold Coast! Overall, it was a great way to meet new friends and practice being grateful.

Jack 7.2

My experience during camp was surprising. Firstly, we did the giant swing, then archery. Secondly, we did bodyboarding, which was really fun. We did the high ropes, until the ropes burned my hands. The trivia night was entertaining, and my cabin team (1009) surprisingly knew most of the subjects. The Opshop Hop finally came, which boosted up my energy and left me worn out. Finally, we did the orientation and beach games to finish off. My favourite activity was the giant swing because I just want to have fun, despite fighting my fear of heights.

Merie  7.5