An exciting addition to the new College Square is the floor mural completed by local artist Matt Smidt. This provides a link to our existing mural on the side of the Arts Cube with the recently opened landscaping at the heart of the school.

Year 12 students have made instant use of this new breakout space as they prepare their first major artworks for assessment. You can see some of this work in progress below.

While the murals are inspired by the style of Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh, they are about much more.

The colour of the older wall mural highlights our Pacific Island students with a focus on the cultural importance of sea and sky while the colour scheme of the new mural honour our First Nations students and their connection to land and place.

Both murals also emphasise the biblical promise made by God to Abraham: “I will multiply your offspring as the stars of heaven and will give to your offspring all these lands. And in your offspring all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.” Genesis 26:4