The Year 5 students who are nominated for the position of 2024 School Captain put their best foot forward in assembly last week. They bravely took the microphone to speak to the voting cohort about why they would be the best person for the important role.

Each applicant took time to share a little about themselves (one loves baseball, another loves pink, and another likened Mueller to a speed cube!) and then explain their vision for captaincy. Despite the nerves, they were confident and beautifully articulate, and all eight candidates would be assets to the Primary School in 2024.

Year 4-6 listened intently to all of the speeches and then thoughtfully voted for who they would like to see as their captains next year.

The winning candidates were announced this week in a special assembly. Congratulations to the cultural, sport & chapel ambassadors and to School Captains, Poppi Duell and Luke Baisley.