Boys Basketball Academy Vice-Captain Alex Mulas shares some observations and advice from his many years representing Mueller Basketball.
Q. Can you share an experience where your team had a great culture and what some of the contributing factors were to that?
A. We have a tradition in all of the Academy teams that when shooting free throws, everyone else on the team on and off the court puts their hands up as a way of encouragement for our player on the free throw line. This is a small thing, but really highlights the togetherness that we aim to play with.
Q. What have you learned from that tradition?
A. To be encouraging towards everyone on the team, keeping our heads high and playing as a team is a win on its own.
Q. Each of us has the capability to leave an imprint on the Academy and the School Community. Are there any values or principles you want to model to your teammates and the younger grades to leave a lasting impact?
A. We are stronger together. I would take a team of Mueller athletes who communicate well, play as a team, and get around each other over a guy like Wilt Chamberlain. You get the meaning.
Thank you Alex! Great insight and best wishes in the midst of the season.