Girls Basketball Academy Captain Isabelle White shares some thoughts from her extensive experience playing high level basketball.
Q. Can you share an experience you’ve had where leadership has had an impact on you or your team’s performance?
A. I’ve experienced team captains at both ends of the spectrum who have had a lasting impact on my performance and how I try to lead. One particular season, when I was a junior, I had a captain who was always positive and encouraging; she really made me feel valued even though I didn’t have a lot to contribute at that point. I’ve also had a captain who was negative, called out players’ mistakes in front of others and generally created a terrible team culture. Both experiences have influenced me to try and bring to the teams that I am privileged to lead the same things that brought out the best in me as a player.
Q. Each of us has the capability to leave an imprint on the Academy and the School Community. Are there any values or principles you want to model to your teammates and the younger grades to leave a lasting impact?
A. I am a massive supporter of teamwork! In basketball teamwork is extremely important and as a leader I want model that by showing others that the success of the team is not determined by individual talent, but the ability of the players to work together as a unit.
Thank you Isabelle for your incredible insight. Best wishes for the season!
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