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Learning (and working) from Home

As a school we have made changes to our routines and programs and anticipate that more is to come. Staff have also been dealing with the day-to-day effect on their classrooms and preparing for an unclear picture of how education will be delivered in the coming months.

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Fresh Starts

Welcome to the new school year! We welcome all the new students, families and teachers to Mueller College and pray that your year will be filled with smiles, learning, growing experiences and fond memories. It is always exciting to see the students and families return to the campus and for Mueller to regain its usual rhythm and energy. I trust your break was refreshing and that you have succeeded in conquering the ‘new shoes, new uniforms, cover the school-books and buy a new lunchbox’ phase of the year! The good news for parents is...

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Goodbye Year 12

Congratulations Year 12 students! It has been a wonderful journey and we wish you God’s richest blessings as you pursue the next step in your journey.

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Doing Good Things

I was blessed last week to spend some time at the Year Ten camp at Emu Gully. It was a well-run, enjoyable camp in which the students were challenged by the activities and instructors. Students really ‘had a go’ at the activities, whether it be pulling a mock cannon through the knee (and sometimes waist!) deep mud, driving buggies, bush dancing or launching off the swing into the dam. The students are to be commended for their positive attitude and whole-hearted participation in the program.

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No more QCS!

Term Three is drawing to a close with students completing assessment and course requirements. It has been a time for students and staff alike where the ‘heads have been down’ as the tasks piled up.

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Technology in Schools

I regularly walk around the school on tours with a potential new Mueller family. As we look through classrooms and engage with the student activities, the parents invariably make a comment along the lines of “School has changed a lot since I was there!”

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Thank You for a Wonderful Fete!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather on Saturday for the Mueller College Fete. It was yet another terrific day for the Mueller community and I hope that your family enjoyed the rides, food, performances and fireworks.

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Don’t lose heart

I have a confession to make that I have never seen the movie, “High School Musical”. Until the 2019 Mueller musical I had no knowledge of who Troy Bolton, Gabrielle Montez, Sharpay Evans or East High school were. My television viewing habits tend to focus more on sport, so this phenomenon was lost on me! At least I was able to watch the musical without knowing the storyline! To add to this, I hadn’t seen or read Jungle Book either so that was new for me as well! The Mueller students and staff did an awesome job of bringing these stories to life.

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