Mr. Turner is a much-loved Christian Studies teacher who has just clocked in 20 years of service at Mueller. He is known for his passion for the Bible and his frequent visits to Mrs. Turner’s Food and Nutrition classrooms to sample the day’s goods! He leaves us at the end of the year for a well-earned break in the new season of retirement. There are countless students, staff, and families who carry the seeds of the gospel that you have imparted over the years – congratulations on a wonderful career at Mueller Mr. Turner!

We asked Mr. Turner to share some highlights and insights from his time at Mueller, and have found a few photos from his early days on campus.

What brought me to Mueller?

Dave Ware took study leave for a year and asked me to come and teach his Biblical studies classes while on leave.

What year did you start at Mueller and what do you remember about that time?

The year I started was 2003 I think, teaching one full day a week, and that year was hectic due to Gae and I making the move from living on the Gold Coast for many years, to moving to the Redcliffe.

What would you note as the biggest changes over your time here?

The biggest changes I have witnessed over the years has been the introduction of the Digital driven learning curve amongst the students. I don’t believe that students process information as well as they do with textbook driven learning.

What are some of your highlights from your time at Mueller?

Some of my fondest memories from my time as a Christian studies teacher, would definitely be when students inform me after classes how they have been encouraged that the bible has such practical answers to so many of their questions regarding their daily lives.

What will you miss about teaching?

I will definitely miss explaining to students how practical the Bible is regarding everyday life lessons, and how Jesus is always interested in influencing their future plans, as long as they allow Him to be a part of their lives, as He does not force Himself on anyone, but waits patiently to be invited into their lives.

What are you looking forward to in retirement?

My retirement plans revolve around spending quality and quantity time with my wonderful family, my beautiful wife Gae, and my three children, and their great partners and absolutely georgous grandchildren, hopefully many of them to come.