Mueller College is more than a school. As such we are concerned for your child’s physical and mental well-being as well as their academic success. The Health Centre is staffed by a Registered Nurse and Teacher Aide in order to take care of the day to day first aid requirements of the students on campus.

The Registered Nurse is also responsible for the management of the students’ medical conditions such as diabetes and anaphylaxis while at school. Parents are encouraged to contact the Health Centre with any concerns with regard their child’s health which may impact on their schooling.

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Policy and Fact Sheets


Health Room Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my child needs medication at school?

If your child requires medication at school the process depends on whether it is;

  1. Long Term/Scheduled Medication:

Medications required on a long term basis or are scheduled drugs eg. Ritalin, Concerta, Dexamphetamine, Oxycodone – require a medication summary or letter from your doctor detailing the medication, dosage schedule and times required. This can then be brought to the health room with the medication in its original packaging and a pharmacy label.

  1. Short Term Medication:

Medication of a temporary nature eg. antibiotics, antihistamines, eyedrops etc. require a short-term medication form to be completed and the medication will need to be provided in its original packaging with a pharmacy label outlining name, dose and frequency. This will need to be supplied to the health room.

My child is going on camp and needs to take medication. What do I need to do?

If your child requires or receives any medication, it is to be presented to the school nurse in a Blister Pack along with the Checklist Form prior to your child leaving for camp. This will involve you obtaining a current medication summary from your doctor or GP and then visiting a pharmacist. Your pharmacist will need to dispense your child’s medication in Blister Packs, which package tablets into individual, tamper proof cavities. This includes all types of medications such as over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and scheduled drugs. By having these tablets stored in blister packs, the school staff can easily identify the quantity of tablets provided to the school for administration to your child. All other medications such as inhalers, liquids, and sprays will still require the Short-Term Medication Form to be filled out. Please see forms/documents for copies of short term medication forms and all other camp medication paperwork.

How do I update my child’s medical details?

Please see instructions here.

If my child is sick, how long should they be off school for?

Mueller College follows the directions made by Queensland Health and its time-out recommendations. Please see via this link.

Any student with a fever (temperature over 38 degrees) is required to stay home or be collected from school.  Fevers are a sign of some sort of infection or virus. There’s just no way you can know whether things will get better or worse — and while giving them medicine might bring the fever down, it won’t stop them from being contagious.

My child is being investigated for ADHD/ASD. What is needed for the school?

  1. Assessment by a paediatrician.
  2. Letter of diagnosis and medication regime provided to the school from your paediatrician (this allows for verification and administration of medication at school). The classroom teachers, learning support and the health room will be notified of this. Please note this letter of diagnosis is still required if no medication is prescribed.
  3. If medication is to be administered at school, the parents must see the nurses in the health room and provide the medication in its original packaging with a pharmacy label. Medication will not be administered at school without documentation from the doctor or the appropriate packaging.
  4. Parents will be notified by the health room when more medication will need to be provided.
  5. If any diagnosis, medication or dosage changes are made by your paediatrician another letter of documentation from your pediatrician will be required to reflect those changes and be administered at school

Can my child be given Panadol at school?

Yes, if permission is given on parent portal the school will administer one dose of Panadol in a day. If more is required in a school day a parent will be contacted. If no permission is given on their medical details (through parent portal) a parent will be contacted to gain permission.

All primary students parents will be contacted for permission and notification, however if a parent is not available and parental permission is given on their medical file, the school nurse may use their discretion to administer paracetamol.

I am concerned about my child’s physical/mental health. Who do I notify?

Mueller College has a large pastoral support network available to families and students. This includes chaplains, school counsellors, school nurses and head of sub schools. Any of these staff will be able to assist with your concerns and pass information sensitively and appropriately to the relevant staff that are necessary.

The school nurse is available for any concerns about your child’s physical health. They are located at N block in the health center and available by email or 38972864.