Anthony Ryan

BCouns, Grad Cert Soc Sci (Leadership),

MSocSci [Cont] Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA)
Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

School Counsellor, Anthony Ryan is available for all Students and Staff of Mueller College.

Appointments: 3897 2990 or email

Anthony can provide professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal and psychological challenges. The counselling process helps to facilitate personal growth in students and staff by developing their psychological flexibility with challenges such as trauma, grief and loss, anxiety depression, eating concerns and much more. Scott Peck once said that life’s challenges do not simply go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.

Counselling is often the place where people begin to work through their challenges and find psychological healing. They do this by confronting what they must and changing what they can. This process can take many forms such as talk therapy, art therapy or play therapy, depending on the age, development or interest of the client. Counselling is not always confined to talk therapy with some students responding better to psychological intervention through pen and paper, kinetic sand or dolls and puppets. Whatever form counselling may take, it is always designed for growth and healing of the client.

Ebony Harmer

BCouns, Australian Counselling Association

School Counsellor, Ebony Harmer is available for all Students and Staff of Mueller College.

Appointments: 3897 2990 or email

Ebony has previously worked as a high school chaplain and in private practice counselling. This experience has developed a deeper understanding of the variety of situations that young people face not only at school, but also within their home lives. Ebony provides a non-judgemental and compassionate space with a wide range of therapeutic approaches to help see young people flourish.

Counselling is an important and vulnerable space where growth happens in collaboration between the counsellor and the client. Counselling can be a safe space to let go of pain and confusion and where people can safely journey through vulnerable feelings and situations to find healing. Counselling is designed to develop the necessary skills and strategies to meet each person’s different day-to-day goals or needs.