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Jenny Billingham

MCouns, Grad.Cert. Bereavement Counselling & Interventions, DipMin, Dip Couns, Cert IV TAE

Mueller Community Church Counsellor, Jenny Billingham is available for parents, families, students & staff at Mueller College.

Appointments: 3897 2706 or 0427 876 396

Please leave a message if the phone is unattended and your call will be returned at the earliest convenience. Respect and confidentiality are always assured.


All of us face challenges that we struggle to make sense of. We all experience life changes, transitions and loss, and it’s at those times that we may feel isolated. Loss isn’t just losing someone close. It can include loss of a relationship, job, health, home, dreams and expectations to name a few. We all differ, face different circumstances and have differing needs. Stress, anxiety, family problems, decision making, and concerns about work are a few of the issues people face.

Counselling allows a safe place to voice your thoughts, fears and feelings. Voicing them aloud to another person can help us make sense of them and often enables us to see things from a different perspective. Friends and family members can be a great support to us, but may not be unable to provide an objective point of view. A counsellor won’t tell you what to do, but may help you consider choices, decisions and changes to enable you to live your life more fully. Counselling doesn’t need to be long-term – in fact a single session may be all that’s needed. Sometimes, though, more is needed over a period of weeks or months. Counselling can assist you to journey towards change and growth in the life challenges you face.

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