‘Esther’ is next week (!), and tickets are now on sale. Get ready to be transported to Babylonia Enterprises, where King Xerxes reigns supreme over the Persian Empire and his beautiful typing pool.

This week we talk to the Queen herself, Charlotte Westaway, who plays the title role of Esther. Though only in Year 9, Charlotte is an old hand at musical theatre with over 35 productions under her belt. Scroll down to get her take on the upcoming show…



What are you most looking forward to about the ‘Esther’ performances?

Having an interactive band on stage that plays while we perform. It’s fun to bounce off the energy and kinda change things up as you go.

What do you love about playing your character?

I enjoy singing all the 80’s songs that she has and I love getting to step into her shoes and play Esther with my own little twists and turns here and there.

What is the best part of being in the school production?

Getting to spend most of the rehearsal with my friends and create memories that wouldn’t be created in other productions.

Who are you most excited to have watch the show?

I have lots of friends that I do musical theatre with, so I’m excited for them to come and watch.

Which show do you think people should come to see and why? 

Saturday night because its the closing show and the energy will be bursting from the seams!



7pm Friday 28th April

3pm & 7pm Saturday 29th April


The production is a musical adaptation of the ancient story of Esther, set in the 80s, to bring this timeless tale to modern audiences.

For ticket prices, information, and bookings, click the link below.