‘Primary Creates’ is an after-school program designed to give students an opportunity to grow creatively. This term, they focused on engineering and participants were given six weeks to complete an engineering challenge.
The purpose of the challenge was to encourage like-minded students of different year levels to problem-solve, design and create a device, that meets the challenge. This involved defining the challenge, discovering simple machines, and resources, dreaming about solutions and ideas, designing and creating their solution, delivering a presentation and reflecting on the process.
The task was for students to create a device that could transport an egg safely 3m with only 1 activation. Groups had a budget of $50 each.
The narrative around the challenge was that a company had hired teams of engineers to create a prototype of a device that could help them transport eggs. The team with the best device would be hired and the company would then mass produce their design. In the last week of the challenges, special judges attended, listened to a presentation and watched the prototypes in action.
The winning team named their company the Cheese Stick Inc. and were awarded with medals on Assembly this week. Well done to all the teams who produced amazing machines!