Our Prep – Year 2 students gave it all they had today in their cross country! For the Preppies, it was their first official footrace, and they were so eager to run that a few beat the clapper to the start! The Year One’s and Two’s showed them how it was done, with only a few tears as they lost their friends or wondered what the strange new growing ache in their side was as they got further into the course. Despite some shoes being lost and corners accidentally being cut, lots of fun was had! They excitedly cheered each other on, tasted a sense of achievement as they crossed the line, and enjoyed the reward of an ice-block.

An extra round of applause to the legendary families who jumped into the parent’s race! It was hotly contested and gave the students a big kick to see parents getting involved. A huge well done to the Senior PE students who ran multiple laps of the course as they showed the little ones where to go and gave encouragement along the way.