This week we congratulate and farewell the Class of 2018. One hundred and five graduands complete their thirteen years of schooling at Mueller College. The mix of excitement and sadness is palpable, as they go forth from the safe and secure environment that is the Mueller bubble!

Interestingly enough, a change of environment with its routines and expectations, can bring with it a fresh change of perspective. A survey of recent graduates revealed some interesting changes of perspective they experienced soon after leaving school. Some of these included;

  1. Weekends – weekends were never seen as sacred until full time work starts. Two consecutive days with nothing on are never again taken for granted!
  2. Uniforms – what was once the epidemy of oppression, is now a great remedy to having to come up with something different to wear to work every single day.
  3. Lunchtimes – no matter where you end up working, lunch breaks won’t ever be as dramatic, and fun filled as they are in school.
  4. Teachers – Hard to admit at first, but teachers were seen as aliens (especially in Middle School). Only at the very end is it realised they are actually human. And they’ve been very good to you over the years and you’re going to miss them like crazy.
  5. Using ‘I have to study’ to get out of everything. This no longer flies.
  6. Ten week blocks of work. While school terms once seemed monotonous and endless, once full time work starts……enjoy four weeks holiday a year, for the rest of your life!
  7. Exercise – what was once regularly inconvenient, is now very, very necessary. Scales don’t lie!

While perceptions of these things may possibly change for our graduands very soon, we know many are leaving with a deep appreciation of all they had and experienced here at Mueller College. The messages of thanks and visits in the weeks and months ahead are testament to that.

Mueller’s mission statement reads:

“Mueller College aims to prepare students for life in the world and eternity…..”

A good OP or rank, QCE, QCS result, gaining competencies, and receiving a pass all serve as preparation for gaining career and work opportunities. Displaying high standards in appearance, and presentation, having a high work ethic; being punctual, developing healthy habits, and sticking to processes and procedures will all aid in gaining and keeping employment, and starting and maintaining relationships. However Mueller College acknowledges that ‘life in eternity’ has far greater significance than all those things. If all students graduate from Mueller knowing the good news of the gospel, which is the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, then our mission statement has been achieved.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018. We are proud of all you have achieved, and the contribution you have made to Mueller College during your time here. We wish you all the very best as you begin the next chapter of your lives.

Ben Stiller


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