This week we visited Mr. Harwin’s Year 9 science class and got a peek at their latest sun oven project in action. We also got the chance to get to know Mr. Harwin who is in his first year at Mueller…

What brought you to Mueller?

I have always heard really positive things about the Mueller community. I wanted to work at a school where I felt that I could contribute to the community and make a real difference whether it be small or large. I also have some friends and family who work here and I am connected to some of the other staff through church and sport, so I leaped at the opportunity to become a part of the Mueller family. I am very grateful to work at such a great school.

What is your current role?

I teach Middle School Science

What are you most passionate about in teaching/your role?

One of the key reasons I chose to become a teacher is that I am genuinely passionate about seeing young people reach their full potential and find their purpose in life. I enjoy the energy, inquisitiveness and diversity of the students that I teach, and I see it as an honour to be able to impart something into their lives on a daily basis. It is particularly fulfilling seeing them find joy in learning and grasping a new concept. I am especially passionate about every student finding their place and being successful in their own ways.

What was your very first job?

Selling sneakers at Footlocker

Coffee of choice?

I am a sucker for filter coffee, so anything such as an aeropress or pour-over gets me going!