Year 7 traveled down the coast for their camp last week and we asked some of them to share their highlights with us.

Scroll through below to hear all about their amazing time together…


Year 7 Camp, in one word, was spectacular! I really enjoyed all of the activities, my favorites being Indigenous Orienteering and Team Rescue. In these activities, I got to learn more about my friends, and have fun with them. Another highlight of camp was the Op Shop Hop. I really enjoyed dancing with my friends and the cohort, to the music. The costumes were hilarious! These activities taught me that sometimes having friends by my side is better than going through something alone. When things are tough, my friends are there, and I’d never want that to change.



Before we went on camp I was very anxious and nervous. It wasn’t because of the day activities but because I’m not very used to sleeping away from my parents. Going to camp made me feel brave. I felt like I had accomplished something new and faced my fear. I had an absolute blast at camp and enjoyed all the activities. My favourite activity was beach games. I had a lot of fun with my friends in my group and I feel like I gained friendships and made new ones. I loved camp so much – it was an amazing experience.


I arrived at the Gold Coast Recreational Centre, hands shaking with excitement. My first thought was, Who will be in my cabin? Five seconds later I was at my cabin with my friends. All the activities were amazing, but one stood out. HIGH ROPES! Out of beach games, indigenous orienteering, rock climbing, body boarding, team rescue, high ropes stood out. Climbing up high swinging ropes is a challenge. The thrill that you feel every time you get to the top is exhilarating. Not to mention, the view up there is breathtaking!



My experience of camp was amazing, I loved being with all my friends and teachers for three days. My favourite part of camp was defiantly the Op-Shop Hop or bodyboarding. The Op-Shop Hop was one of my favourite parts because it was fun to just let loose and dance to songs I haven’t heard since I was in prep. Bodyboarding was also one of my favourite things because I got to go out into the big blue ocean and be with my friends being able to catch waves all the way into shore. I loved my day group and being able to make new friends and talk to a bunch of new people. In my cabin also I loved being able to talk to people from my class who I wouldn’t on a school day basis.


My most remembered time at camp was when I was on the metal beam in the High Ropes course. I was really excited to go on it but when it was my turn, I was a little nervous. As I was climbing up the ladder to get to the beam, I didn’t want to do it. I also didn’t want to look like a coward so I continued to climb the ladder. When I reached the top, I thought that I was going to fall and die. At the back of my mind, I knew that I was in safety gear and I wouldn’t die, but who would have the time to think about that! Although I was scared, I walked through it calmly. Then that final drop was amazing and I felt so proud of myself when I came down.



Overall this camp is definitely on my list of favourite camps. The first day I had high ropes. The beam extreme caused a huge amount of adrenaline. That night we had Op Shop Hop! The amazing dance party gave me a massive headache but the experience was worth it. My favourite activity was bodyboarding. The waves pushing me was, in my opinion, the most incredible feeling. I could still feel it hours later and at night there were invisible waves pushing me. Some even pushed us from waist-deep up onto the sand. I learnt to enjoy what you have because all good things will eventually come to an end.


Year 7 Camp. Wow. First of all, I loved the speeches the Year 12 Captains gave. I especially loved the one speech when a Captain said that high school is only 6.6 percent of our lives, and that we need to live it out. I realised as I was strutting down that runway at the Op Shop Hop how lucky and privileged I am to go to this school. I took out more than high ropes bragging rights and a stuffed belly from this camp, I took out friendship. Thank you.



My grade 7 camp experience was amazing! My favourite activity was definitely bodyboarding. Charlotte and I caught so many waves that we stopped counting them after a while! My second favourite was high ropes. I did the one where you have to climb up a 10m ladder and then walk across a balance beam and fall backward. I was shaking when I got to the top but it was so fun. The Op Shop Hop was really fun and I liked hanging out with my friends the whole time.


What I learned on camp was to always contribute and have fun. The most fun thing I did was probably the bodyboarding, hanging out with my friends, and having not just my friends but people I could make friends with in my cabin. I was really excited about my cabin because my cabin mates and I got a suite. It had a couch and a dining table, two bedrooms with one bunk bed in each room, one single bed in each room, and a bathroom with a separate toilet and shower…and a tv. We knew it was wrong to use the tv so we didn’t. I also really loved the meals. I wish we could have a little more sleep but I didn’t mind it. The most important thing was I made new friends. I’m still really happy because the cleaning ladies said to me twice that we have one of the cleanest rooms. I learned that you always have room for one more friend and from that experience, I have made 16 more friends over that trip. I’m really happy with the new friends I have.