If you asked some of the Mueller staff, they might say last Friday was the coldest day on record for quite some time. While most were enjoying a sunny August day, twenty-one Primary and Secondary teachers were plunged into a tank filled with icy water as part of the BIG CHILL 2.0. So why would one willingly do such a thing?

At Mueller, we firmly believe that everyone belongs and can contribute to community. When we belong to a community, we feel we are able to contribute to it, and are encouraged to look for ways to contribute to causes greater than ourselves. Contributions can be big or small, direct or indirect and be in many forms; time, effort, money, gifts, encouragement or service.

Studies have shown that just like receiving, giving triggers the brain’s dopamine-rich reward system. It is the same as when you eat cake, listen to music or engage in other satisfying activities. They also show that when people donate to charity, either financially or through volunteering, this portion of the brain is triggered, releasing feel-good chemicals which spur you on to perform more kind acts.

People get an even stronger sense of reward when they witness the positive impact of their gift or contribution – much like you feel when you see your loved one’s face light up when they unwrap the perfect present. And the long-term effects of generosity and giving include increased mental health, greater happiness, better physical health, less anxiety and lower rates of depression.

The book of Acts offers Biblical support to the idea of being generous when it says; “We can remember what the Lord Jesus said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  

The annual Beanies for Brain Cancer Week allows students, staff and families in the Mueller community to contribute to a cause greater than self. To help those who have had, or are currently suffering from, Brain Cancer, along with those who have lost their fight in recent years. This year we raised just shy of six thousand dollars for the Mark Hughes Foundation.

Thank you to all students, teachers, staff, parents, and families who contributed this week. Your collective efforts made it a truly magnif-ICE-nt finish to a great week! Click here to see all the photos from the event.

Ben Stiller

Term 3 – Week 5 News