It is hard to believe Semester 1 is almost finished and just like any time in community, there have been ups and downs.

Through the ups and downs, what is your ‘firm foundation’? The Bible talks about 2 houses. One is built on the rock and one on the sand. When the rain and wind blew, the house with the firm foundation stood firm. This is so incredibly logical and an obvious building principle. Why is it therefore so difficult to build a firm foundation for our lives?

I am currently on tour with 37 Mueller Worship students. The tour is called the Firm Foundation Tour. We are visiting 3 schools in northern New South Wales, taking the message of the Gospel to students. During the week, students are challenged to build their life on the Firm Foundation of who God is. The only true and reliable foundation is the God who created the universe. If you like music, do a search on Firm Foundation song, and enjoy the lyrics.

As we head into Term 3, we are all getting excited for the Fete. We love the Fete. It is a day of smiles and happiness as the Mueller community comes together.

I trust you enjoy the break and can have a time of refreshment with family and friends.

Paul Valese

Term 2 News