This week BOSL Touch had its Grand Final Round after a fantastic season for our Primary and Secondary Touch Academy teams.
Primary Boys 1 – 3rd
Primary Girls 1 – 2nd
U13 Boys 1 – 2nd
U13 Girls 1 – 1st
U15 Boys 1 – 5th
U15 Girls 1 – 1st
U18 Boys 1 – 1st
U18 Girls 1 – n/a
Primary Boys 2 – 4th
Primary Girls 2 – n/a
U13 Boys 2 – 5th
U13 Girls 2 – 2nd
U15 Boys 2 – 7th
U15 Girls 2 – 3rd
Congratulations to the whole academy on a great BOSL season. Mueller was the overall champion school but even more rewarding than the results, was the depth of progress in both our coach and player development. We are excited about our athletes’ achievements in skill and the positive culture this generates to allow for increased character formation.
A big thank you to the coaches for their work so far this year! They are the number one defining factor in the success of the Academy. Thank you to all the players in our referee program who refereed throughout the BOSL season. The referee is never a highly praised or thanked person, but they are a core pillar of our skill development, competitions and sport. Thank you to all players (and parents) for their hard work and commitment to learning the game and giving their coaches permission to refine their internal character.