Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Parenting: Why You Should Consider the 123 Magic Parenting Course for 2-12 year olds.

Parenting is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. From navigating tantrums to setting boundaries, every parent encounters moments of intense frustration and question if they’re doing it right.

If you find yourself facing these challenges more often than not, then perhaps it’s time to consider investing your time in a 3-week parenting course run by school counsellor Anthony Ryan.

One of the most common struggles for parents is managing their child’s behaviour without resorting to arguments that often end up in a screaming match. 123 Magic can equip you with effective discipline techniques that are simple and straightforward. The program teaches parents realistic expectations depending on the developmental stages of their children. Parents will also learn how to sort behaviour clearly, therefore reducing tension and confusion in challenging discipline moments.

123 Magic teaches parents how to practice emotion coaching, a supportive approach that helps children regulate their emotions and develop emotional language and capacity. Parents will learn that this can de-escalate emotions in their children. Emotions play a significant role in shaping behaviour and learning how to navigate and validate your child’s feelings can have a profound impact on their behaviour.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies states that a single randomised controlled trial was undertaken about the 123 Magic parenting course, showing significant improvement in child behaviour post-implementation and significant improvements for carers and parents.

Here is what some Mueller parents have said about the 123 Magic course:

“If you have ever considered doing a parenting course, this is the one. I highly recommend 1-2-3 Magic. As a mum to 4 daughters, with one autistic and one adhd, this has been extremely helpful.”

“Thanks to Anthony for presenting this course so nicely. His presentation style made the course fun, relaxing and personable. It was easy to relate to him and his stories and he was able to answer a lot of questions that put a lot of the participants at ease, especially when addressing specific questions or situations.”

If you are interested in participating in this 3-week course please email Anthony at counsellor@mueller.qld.edu.au. Limited spots available.