Last week, Aerospace students had a visit from Mission Aviation, an organization that provides flights for aid, development and mission groups in an effort to bring hope to isolated communities. Kylie and Andrew from MAF are currently visiting schools along the eastern seaboard to bring awareness to the important work of the organisation and they brought several activities for students to participate in.

The students first got to virtually experience an MAF Australia medivac in PNG using VR headsets. The immersive experience allowed students to look all around them which was particularly spectacular as they ‘flew’ around the highlands of New Guinea. The students then split up into teams and earned points by answering questions presented on a Kahoot. They competed to build a plane, runway and communications tower using Lego with the winners earning lollipops and MAF handballs. They finished their time by zooming in with MAF pilots to hear about their personal experiences with the organisation and learned how faith in Jesus could be outworked in an aviation career.