Year 6 went back in time last week to explore the roots of Australian heritage. They raised their voices for voting rights, role-playing some turning points in Australia’s social history with hand-painted placards and a chant of ‘What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? Now!’ The rest of Primary took great delight in watching as they marched around campus in their fantastic costumes.

Year 6 then got into some ‘olden day’ activities, putting some muscle into making butter by hand, exploring Indigenous artwork with a wonderful mum & grandma team who came to share, and attempting some outdoor activities like skipping.

Many students cite the picnic lunch as their favourite part of the day, as they dined on a sausage sizzle and Aussie-themed snacks they brought from home to share. It was quite a feast!

They finished off the day with a wild traditional bush dance, learning the heel and toe polka, strip the willow, and stockyards. Prizes were given for best dressed and best dancers. Take a look at their huge day below!…