A note from Kangaroo Buslines…

Bus Passes & Go Cards:-

  • It is a condition of Travel on Translink Services that a passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket or token for the entire journey.
  • A passenger must not evade or attempt to evade paying the required fare for the intended journey
  • Bus Passes can only be used during the school term on weekdays


  • Passenger/s must not smoke (including electronic cigarettes) on/in a public passenger vehicle, public transport waiting point or a busway or light rail platform or railway signed as “No Smoking” area

Getting off / Disembarking the Bus:-

  • The Code of Conduct for School Students Travelling on Buses states that students are expected to disembark the bus in an orderly manner
  • Waite in a safe location until the bus has moved away before deciding to cross the road
  • Cross the road safely:-           * Look to the right, left and right again

* Make sure the roadway is clear

* Walk…Don’t Run